2015 Suzuki iV-4 SUV model car

By | 3 October, 2013

Japanese manufacturer Suzuki has shown, in past several years, that it will have a firm place in the SUV manufacturing field. This is proven with a lot of new and most attractive SUV’s that are on the market or are very fast coming to the light of the day. One particular SUV concept car is being imposed to buyers and will be big boom in the SUV segment. This is a 2015 Suzuki iV-4 SUV model car. This concept model car has been premiered on Frankfurt Motor Show that has been held this year. Name of this fine looking car is made with combination of word like individual vehicle with 4×4 wheel drive – iV4.

Front of the 2015 Suzuki iV-4 SUV has a astonishing grill look in combination with sharp lines and front LED head lights which in some part looks like this car is smiling to you. From the side of the car can be seen external mirrors with a stylish slim line.The new 2015 Suzuki iV-4 SUV concept car is measuring a length of 4215mm, with of 1855mm and height of 1665mm and has particularly wide wheelbase of 2500mm.

These measures are showing that this SUV model car will give great performances in off-road drive in combination of new electronic and mechanical system with ALLGRIP 4WD technology which will make drive easy and stable. In 2015 Suzuki iV-4 SUV concept car will be implemented new innovations like active front fog lights that are controlled with laser sensors. When it comes to the market it will be competitor to 2015 Nissan Juke and will replace the old generation of Suzuki’s Grand Vitara model car.

It is mentioned that Suzuki will make this concept car very light and emissions of CO2 will be lowered to the minimum. The production of 2015 Suzuki iV-4 SUV concept car will be started early in the 2015 year in the factory’s in the Hungary. This means that the light of the day for this great SUV will be first in the Europe and after there is assumption that will be also sold in the USA.

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