2014 Toyota Hilux Changes

By | 12 July, 2013

The new 2014 Toyota Hilux is a extremely big muscle car that will leave you breathless. From the beginning the Toyota Hilux has been quality car that will never leave you stranded on the road. Also it has to be mentioned that new Toyota Hilux is car that can overtake any off-road obstacle and off-road driving will be most comfortable. Toyota has idea that with new 2014 Toyota Hilux will revive big car and truck market and Hilux production line. This great car will be, from top to bottom, with new shape and inside will have a lot of new technology. All of this has been done so it can be more competitive.

Designer’s of Toyota will give this car a great new look and make a very big changes on the exterior and interior. With this idea they will make good combination of power and extreme look. On the new 2014 Toyota Hilux are expected changes on the Electronic Stability Control which will make it more stable and rigid. There will be also implemented new harder suspension with which you will not feel any bump on the road, rear lights clusters and on the front will be placed new LED lights. Also there will be improvement on it’s biggest advantage which is increased towing capacity which will be about 3000 kg. The capacity of 2014 Toyota Hilux will be 5 passenger seats. Dimensions of this car will not make easy ride on the tight city streets but all of this can be mastered.

 Change will be, also, made on the front grill, on the noise reduction from the outside, implementing quality shock absorbers and suspension to avoid vibration and hardness on the 2014 Toyota Hilux. Interior of 2014 Toyota Hilux will be very spacious with leather seats and with a quite fine multimedia system. In the center of the center of dashboard will be placed big touchscreen which will be used for climate control and setting’s. On the outside new Hilux will be packed with lot of chrome elements. It has to be said that in new Toyota Hilux will be implemented the state of the art active and passive safety features making it the safest car on the road. Change will be made and on the steering box which will be from European market instead of Japanese.

 The new 2014 Toyota Hilux will be driven with 3 liter engine which will produce 171 hp and 360 Nm of torque. Driving can be selected, which means that new Hilux can be driven on front wheels and all four wheels. This is done with five speed gearbox. Diesel engine which will be used on 2014 Toyota Hilux will be very quiet and it will achieve speed of 175 km/h in 12 seconds. When this great muscle car come’s to the market, in the early 2014 year, it will be biggest competitor to the Ford Ranger, Mazda BT-50 and other’s.

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