2014 Nissan Terrano

By | 2 August, 2013

Nissan has revealed it’s plans to premiere 2014 Nissan Terrano model car in 2013th year. Premiere of this fine looking SUV  will take place on 20 August at the event which will be held in Mumbai, India.

The new 2014 Nissan Terrano is in base a version of Dacia / Renault Duster with an altered name. Terrano will have a more luxurious design and a few changes in the cabin such as a rectangular air openings. Nissan’s version of affordable off-roader is slightly more expensive than the other two mentioned cars, and like many think it is also its biggest flaw. This off-road model car, 2014 Nissan Terrano will be powered with 1.5 liter diesel engine which can be found in the Duster. This engine type will come with two version’s of power – 85hp and 110 hp.

New 2014 Nissan Terrano will be built at RenaultNissan’s factory in Oragadamu in Chennai, India. It currently produce Renault Duster for domestic and Dacia Duster to market Ireland and the United Kingdom. This SUV, 2014 Nissan Terrano, will probably going to be sold in November

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