2014 Honda Ridgeline

By | 5 June, 2013

2014 Honda Ridgeline

Honda is standing firm on the American market in the last few years. Therefore, it is expected that in 2014 Honda will launch new car models and again be a top leader in selling car in U.S.A. Among the new gamma vehicles will appear the expected 2014 Honda Ridgeline. If you are searching the net you will find very little information about 2014 Honda Ridgeline, and this will show you how much does the premiere of this car means to the Honda manufacture. But never the less there are few reliable sources that are giving info.

Before we begin, we must say that the new Honda Ridgeline will be some type of redesigned car and not a new model  car. Also the Honda will continue to name this car with “Ridgeline”. Characteristics of this car will not be different that it’s predecessors from 2013 year. It will be using 3.5 liter V6 TEC  engine which will produce 250 hp and 6000 rpm and his tank will have maximum of 22 gallons. The engine of 2014 Honda Ridgeline will be combined with two type of transmission: 6  step automatic and manual. Fuel efficiency for standard versions of this car will be a bit problem for buyers because  it will consume a lot of fuel but on the other had the Hybrid version will be extremely fuel efficient.

2014 Honda Ridgeline side look

Design of 2014 Honda Ridgeline will be made with a lot of changes on the exterior and interior. Exterior of the car will be equipped with great and state-of-the art headlamps and tail lamps and it will have three variations of color: white, black, and brown. This can be seen on pictures of the car. Interior of the car is made with a lot of luxury and the car will amaze you with it’s great looking dashboard which will have  user friendly display. Seats will be sheeted with fine looking and quality materials and new Honda Ridgeline will be able to take 5 grownups. This means the car is very spacious.

2014 Honda Ridgeline dashboard

New Honda Ridgeline will be offered to the buyers in five different versions. There will be 2014 Honda Ridgeline RT version, sport, RTS, RTL and new  Honda Ridgeline Hybrid version.

There are predictions that the price of 2014 Honda Ridgeline will be between $ 32,000 and $37,000. But if you want to get this car and enjoy in driving it you will have to wait until the premiere or get a sneak preview of it with some  spy pictures of prototype on the Internet.

But most important update of information concerning 2014 Honda Ridgeline is here! According to latest information, the production of 2014 Honda Ridgeline models will be finished earlier than planned. The production will be completely discontinued in September of next year, as sudden as the next-generation model is not expected until mid-2016th year. So far there is no information about what led to this decision, and the Ridgeline is the best time recorded in the 2006th , when the manufacturer sold 50,193 models in the U.S.. Despite the later sale of the model significantly slowed, the company managed to sell 14,068 units in the last year, an increase of 44.2 percent compared to the 2011. year.

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  1. clarence burgess

    I have a 2011 white rtl leather an nav i absolutly love this truck but want to see the new design.


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