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2014 Ford S-MAX Concept

2014 Ford S MAX Concept front look 2014 Ford S MAX Concept

The concept that Ford announced, on the Frankfurt Auto Show, is the second generation of the Ford S-MAX, that will take a corporation look and become the latest generation car of this manufacturer. Since the first S-MAX, that came out way back in 2006th, it is logical that Ford prepares successor. However, before the production version, it was decided that future customers prepare for the new design concept car. In this way, Ford will have the opportunity on the basis of feedback and impressions of the public may correct some details on the new 2014 Ford S-MAX, which should be on sale in 2014. year.

The design of the grille, on the 2014 Ford S-MAX, that the company has forced on all new models, Ford cars, at least from the front, resemble to one another Ford cars. The 2014 Ford S-MAX Concept is characterized by elegant sweeping lines, balanced proportions and a very recessed windshield, adjacent to the panoramic glass roof. The glass surface of the tailgate on the 2014 Ford S-MAX also has a large area and contributes to better visibility back and the roof-line ends with the rear spoiler.

2014 Ford S MAX Concept dashboard look 2014 Ford S MAX Concept

The cabin of 2014 Ford S-MAX is equipped with 5 separate, comfortable seats, of which the middle one in the back row can be folded which gives a large usable area between the other two outer seats. The whole interior gives the impression of luxury and comfort, which contribute to the quality selected materials from the skin. The center console is designed so that visually connects all content on the card, from the large-screen multimedia on top of the electronic controls automatic transmission in the form of the wheel and handbrake at the bottom. Ford says that the concept will be available a new version of Ford Sync system, which will, among other standard features, control and some health parameters of passengers, such as for example heart rate, using sensors in the seat.

The type of engine that will be used on the 2014 Ford S-MAX Concept, Ford has chosen the new 1.5 liter EcoBoost engine with 181 hp and 240 Nm of torque.

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